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Annual Dues

The HCNWA is a registered 501-C-4 Organization registered with the State of Florida. None of the Officers or Directors receive any compensation for their participation in the Organization. The HCNWA is an all Volunteer group.

Annual Dues Information


1.  Dues are used to provide new watch groups with one Neighborhood Watch sign as soon as their dues are paid. That has a value of $50.25 dollars which includes shipping and handling. If the group wants additional signs they can be purchased from our Supplier at our costs.  

2.   Dues pay for our yearly registration fees to the State of Florida. This amounts to $62.00 each year for 501-C-4 organizations.  

3.   Dues pay for refreshments and amenities at meetings.

4. Dues are used to cover the cost of maintaining the HCNWA website and website address. 

5.  Dues are used to publish a Semi Annual Newsletter in April and October for all members.

 6.  Dues also cover the costs of office supplies including stamps, mailing and P.O. Box.   

7.   Each Christmas our Organization donates the sum of $1000.00 dollars, usually ($250.00) dollars for each District in Hillsborough County. A needy family is chosen by the Board, with the help of the Deputy from that District, to ensure that the family will receive a Christmas that they would not otherwise realize.  

8.   This is a short explanation of how dues are spent. Our Organization has been in existence since 1985, and worked hard to spread the word about Neighborhood Watch and its abilities to thwart crime with your help. Please join with us and help make a difference. We need Board members and you are always invited to come join us at a meeting. Call or email any Board member for directions.

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